Increase the Performance of your Milling Company

A simple, robust, and reliable system

From the silo to your ERP, Axceta's solution allows you to monitor your customers' inventory in real time. It enables you to anticipate demand, avoid last-minute orders, and optimize production in your mill.

With the Connected Silo system, mills can optimize their deliveries, reducing costs, and making better use of the delivery fleet while reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition to reducing logistics and production costs, the system relieves the burden of inventory management on the farm, eliminating accidents and injuries that may occur during manual feed inventory checks.

Benefits: everybody wins

No more approximations; this autonomous, connected sensor allows you to remotely monitor the filling level of silos with great accuracy and at a very competitive cost.


  • Allows for visualization and prediction of feed needs (24/7).
  • Eliminates costs associated with emergency productions, urgent deliveries, and overfilling.
  • Reduces costs related to overtime.
  • Possible integration with existing milling management tools.

  • Helps reduce delivery costs. Eliminates costs associated with last-minute deliveries.
  • Relieves the driver from the burden of estimating silo contents.


  • Eliminates manual checking of feed levels.
  • Simplifies the ordering process and allows milling companies to manage the supply.
  • Can be quickly installed in all types of feed silos without modification.
  • Minimizes the need for silo emptying.


Compatible Silo Dimensions: Maximum height of 10m

Measurement Frequency: 2 to 12 measurements per day depending on the applications

Accuracy: +/- 2% to 4% depending on the installations

Power Supply: 8x AA Lithium batteries (included)

Battery Life: Minimum of 3 years with a frequency of 4 measurements per day

Connectivity: LTE-M wireless communication

Weather Resistance: IP65

Data: Accessible directly through a web dashboard or easily integrable into your ERP using the Axceta API

Dimensions: 37x15x15cm (14.5"x6"x6")

Installation: Can be installed in approximately 15 minutes WITHOUT ANY modification to the silo.

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