Energy Case Study

Right-sizing Electric Power Capacity Needs for Public Transportation Electrification: Shaving off 60% of initial CAPEX investment and up to 70% in Power Demand

The Challenges of Electromobility

Over the last five years, the demand for electric vehicle fleets, specifically electric buses, has surged in North America. Consequently, many public service entities have been exploring transitioning to electric vehicles. Given its proficiency in engineering services for transportation authorities, Systra quickly became well-equipped to operate in this field.

“Axceta has played a pivotal role in developing simulation tools to help our clients navigate e-mobility challenges and maximize benefits. Moreover, collaborating with them has been an absolute delight, and we have regarded them as an integral part of our team.” – Christophe Farley-Legault, ing., Product Manager at Systra.

Read how Axceta helped Systra design and develop a solution to develop a fleet consumption and charging needs simulator powered by big data and artificial intelligence.

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