Energy Case Study

From Zero to 200,000 connected devices working together for better energy management, province-wide

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Over 100 TWh of additional clean electricity are required to achieve energy transition and carbon neutrality in Quebec by 2050. In this perspective, Hydro-Quebec aims at making significant energy efficiency efforts that will make it possible to curtail 8.9 TWh by 2032. 

Read how Axceta helped Hilo design and develop the solution to manage peak energy demand and orchestrate smart home ecosystems at the provincial scale. 

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"Scaling up in the IoT space requires a very specific set of technical and architectural skills. Still, as in any start-up, it also requires a good eye for evolving team structures, conducting cost/benefit analysis to decide whether to do things now or later and not over-engineering before you understand your product/market fit. Axceta brought all these elements to the table, adapting to our evolving organizational needs. They were instrumental in scaling up Hilo, and I would warmly recommend them to any company entertaining an IoT project. "

David Saint-Germain, ex-CTO, Hilo 

Axceta provides engineering services to accompany organizations in their digital transformation journey.